WordPress 101

I recently served as a tutor for two people I met over craigslist who wanted to learn more about using WordPress. Without knowing exactly what they needed to know going in I tried to prepare a general overview of how to develop a WordPress theme. But as it turns out, the “students” were on two very different levels, both far below what I was trying to teach. I talked a little too much and too long about template heirarchy and the WordPress codex. But once we started talking about their exact problems it was easy to provide quick answers. I think it worked out well and I hope I can do it again!

Here’s a list of the links that I provided them for future reference:

Official Documentation:

Tutorial Websites:

Other Useful Links:

  • Having never met or talked to Jordan prior to our meeting, he had very little to know what to prepare for. I had seen his credentials so I had no doubt that he could assist. He did not dissappoint. For a very reasonable fee Jordan can provide the support you need whether it’s answering basic questions about how WP operates, to customization of your them, or assiting with developing so you can do it yourself. I’m still under construction, but I’m glad I found a local resource to turn to. I give him a ***** rating! 🙂

  • Hello Jordan,
    Was great meeting you today. I learned a lot but yearn for more all ready. I am wondering why when i click “Home” it takes me to “http://centexcga.com” and not “http://www.centexcga.com? Where is the “WWW”?

    Heres what i am looking at in the page editor that i cant change.

    But i updated the link in the menu section as seen here…

    Still no luck. Any ideas on a fix? i am looking at it from an SEO standpoint as i want it going to the same link every time someone goes to the site via direct url or refreshing via home button.

    Let me know what your thoughts are.
    Thanks Anthony

  • Hey Jordan,

    Can you take a look and tell me why my categories are not listed? I deleted the default categories and added my own, but the home page now shows none.

    Also, I don’t understand the tags, even though I read the documentation about them in in the codex help. The 2 default tags are still there.

    Shoot me an email if you want my log on info.


  • Hey Jill and Anthony, thanks so much for your positive responses. I’m really glad I could help!

    Jill: I think you may have already answered this yourself in the email you sent me, but there’s two things about the categories not showing.

    1. You need to have that category widget added to one of your sidebar areas.
    2. You need to have posts in those categories for them to show. It depends on the theme, but by default the category list function does not show categories with zero posts. Try adding a test post to any category to see if that fixes the problem.

  • Tags are very similar to categories. They both are just labels that you can apply to each post that help group multiple posts together. You can use them anyway you like, but typically you have less categories than tags and the categories are more general sections with interesting titles (like my Web Development category) and tags are more simpler keywords like “wordpress”, “funny”, “html”, etc.

    You will often see tags being shown as a “tag cloud”, which gives emphasis to the more commonly used tags on your blog. This helps people quickly see what your blog is about and lets them navigate based on those common topics.

    Does that help you understand the difference between tags and categories a little bit? They are definitely very similar in nature.

  • Anthony:

    It looks like you might have your WordPress URL set to not have the www. Go into the admin, then settings, then general and see if you can add the www to both the WordPress address and the Site address. Save the changes and see if that fixes your problem.

  • Thanks Jordan that was the fix I was looking for. Quick, easy and did exactly what i needed it to.

  • Jordan, Yes, that did answer the question about the tags. The use of them on your blog is a good example. Also, adding a test post brings up the category. Thanks again for your help!


  • Hey Jordan,
    Another issue has arose for me. As of this morning i am not able to log into the site becuase i cant bring up the login page. /wp-login comes up as disconnected or moved. I havent played with the files since the last time it worked. Any clues on what might be going on?

  • Neither of those worked so i just left it alone for about an hour and boom! all the sudden it is working. im thinking it was something on the serer end but who knows