Financial Gains

Finally, someone is paying me to do something! I went through a period of serious stagnation, as every decent business in Tuolumne county ignored my applications and resumes, until earlier this week when I ended up with almost overlapping interviews. I made it halfway through the Wal-Mart hiring process (they have a mandatory four interviews!) before finding a better job at the Miwuk Village Inn. I could have signed over my life and soul to work for the Evil Empire if Tyler hadn’t hooked me up with a recommendation at the Inn. This job looks way better, because even though the hours are probably fewer, I get paid by how hard I work. So I start off at about $8 an hour and can work up to something like $16. Plus I don’t have to get up very early, its only 10 minutes from my house, the people are pretty laid-back, and I get to work with Tyler every now and then.

The Dude Abides

The other night, on our way back from a mirth-filled evening of Bryan Regan stand-up in Frisco, I somehow managed to rub a large piece of Pocky G into my favorite shirt, a baby blue Big Lebowski homage which states “the Dude abides” underneath a picture of him (often mistaken for Jesus by the uneducated). I didn’t notice the chocolate indiscretion until it was exposed in all it’s stained glory, by the bright lights of the supermarket back in Davis.

At first I was a little miffed at the whole situation and I mentioned it to my friend Nate, who happens to share my affinity for the great movie (his dad is basically the Dude of Tuolumne). He made the wise assessment that perhaps it wasn’t really all that bad, because the Dude wouldn’t fret over one measly little stain and it certainly wouldn’t stop him from wearing it bowling, so why should it upset me? So I said “fuck it dude, let’s go bowling” and washed it without any pre-wash preparation (Shout, for instance) and now I have a very dude-like stain permanently ingrained into my shirt.