50 Things About Me

Apparently the cool thing to write in your blog these days is a list of 100 random facts about yourself. Well I’m lazy, so I only did half that, and it still took me a week! Karen is also partially at fault because she’s too impatient to wait for me to write a whole 100. So here they are:

1. I procrastinate on everything, however I am almost never late.

2. I have a kitten calendar.

3. My dream job is to work for PC Gamer.

4. I haven’t traveled farther east than Denver and Canada is the only foreign country I’ve been to.

5. I’ve driven to Canada and back, twice, with no stops longer than an hour.

6. On one of those trips, I rode with four other guys whom I had only previously met over the Internet.

7. To save money, I shared a hotel bed with another guy that I had only met once, a year prior.

8. I am deathly afraid of trying new things and meeting new people, I don’t know how I accomplish anything.

9. I hated my first semester at Sac State, liked parts of second semester, and desperately wish I were going back in the fall.

10. I don’t have a favorite food, but if I had to choose, it would be cinnamon rolls.

11. My favorite food used to be clam chowder, but now… not so much.

12. I don’t like mustard, any pickles other than sweet ones, and I’ll only tolerate tomatoes on a hamburger, but never in a salad.

13. My only speeding ticket was for driving 81 in a 55 zone, which cost me $320 and kept me ineligible for traffic school.

14. My favorite color is blue.

15. But on a car, I only want silver or black. Gunmetal blue might be acceptable.

16. My only real tangible goals in life are to own a Porsche (preferably black or silver) and to go to a Lakers home game.

17. I started liking the Lakers back when they weren’t very good and had Nick Van Excel and Eddie Jones, but no one ever believes me and that annoys me.

18. I’m almost ashamed that I play more console games than PC games.

19. I scored on the wrong basket during an eighth grade basketball game.

20. I have fangs.

21. This has been my favorite number since freshman year of high school, when I picked it as my basketball jersey number. I like it because it’s 2 less than 23, which is of course Michael Jordan’s number.

22. I have little to no political views and could probably be easily swayed one way or another.

23. I listen to rap.

24. I’ve never been to a concert.

25. I hate typing LOL but sometimes I do it without thinking.

26. I probably own over 200 comic books.

27. The longest fictional story I’ve written was 13 pages. I think it was a detective story.

28. One of my favorite books is called Hitman and I randomly picked it out a bookstore one time because I liked the name and the cover. I find the book surprisingly deep, much deeper than I expected it to be. I’ve read it all the way through 3 times.

29. I almost always wake up before my alarm. I have a very active mental alarm that I can’t turn off.

30. I’ve only had one job in my life.

31. My favorite class in high school was photography. I hated the teacher, but I enjoyed taking pictures and for some reason these three really popular girls always hung out with me when we went out to take pictures and I had a crush on one of them.

32. I hate the color orange.

33. I’ve only been in one car accident, and that was when I backed up into a light pole. The 4-Runner still has a dented bumper from that.

34. I have a huge scar on my arm and I have no idea what it’s from.

35. At one point I seriously considered changing my name to Sim when I got older.

36. I sleep on top of my comforter and I love it, which is completely influenced by Karen.

37. I decided that if I ever start liking baseball, my favorite team would be the Oakland Athletics.

38. I hate ice cream cake.

39. I could eat eggs everyday. I like them no matter how they are cooked.

40. I’ve had 4 ingrown toenails.

41. I watched the entire first season of Sex in the City when it first came out on HBO.

42. My earliest memory is of eating yogurt in the living room of my old house in Long Barn. I must have been younger than 3.

43. My grandmother has been married 5 times.

44. I believe in God and an afterlife, but I dislike all religions.

45. I get hiccups from spicy food and soda if I drink it too fast on the first sip. I used to eat a spoonful of peanut butter to cure them.

46. I used to love chunky peanut butter and hate creamy and now I love creamy and hate chunky.

47. The only time I was caught ditching in high school was when I ditched class with Tucker and we ended up hanging out in the library. How cool is that?

48. I can’t smile and show my teeth without trying really hard and feeling awkward.

49. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

50. Karen is my motivation in life.