I’m practically a sheriff.

Good news: I really like my new job at POST! Getting up at seven in the morning is a low point, and working eight hours a day for five days a week is rather draining, but it’s worth it because I actually enjoy the work and the pay is quite nice.

It is fun working in an office. I have two bosses who give me assignments to work on and I send out all kinds of emails and attend meetings. One of my bosses has me updating pages on the POST website and my other boss has me working on two fun projects. One is reviewing and trying to improve the design of this “Learning Portal” that a separate company is working on. The other project is updating a four year old training program that comes on a CD. I came up with three new interfaces and now I’m learning Flash in case I have to build the program in it.

Also, I’m getting excited about revamping pacult.com! I just have to find the time to do it. I haven’t played WoW in days, so no new screenshots to upload.