About Sunny

Sunny was a proud dog, the proudest I’ve ever personally known. A couple pats, a couple scratches was all she needed to be content with attention. Her independence was not to be confused with negligence however, as the Jacksons doted on her like a third child. She enjoyed the finest table scraps (including her choice of cheeses, of which provolone was not one), long walks around a neighborhood built for dogs, and the love of a fine family. Although I poked fun at her stature, I was always pleasantly surprised by her friendly demeanor in the face of such slights. She was a good dog that I shall not forget.

I talk about games.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

The newest information about the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion actually has me excited about the game again. I haven’t really played in over three weeks and I’m currently in the process of liquidating all my non-60 character’s inventories on the auction house. The upcoming patch pretty much killed any hope I had of the game becoming fun, since the promised revitalized World PvP is really just a bunch of collection quests combined with voluntary PvP in zones no one cares about. But the expansion supposedly has an entire zone devoted to outdoor PvP complete with towns that can be bombed, captured, and held. Not to mention that the two new racial mounts are a war elephant and something called a cockatrice, which I imagine to be a giant chicken. Now that seals the deal for me.

The Island Review

If my girlfriend wasn’t obsessed with Scarlet Johansson (she has her entire filmography in her Netflix queue) I would never have watched The Island. The previews for it never enticed me and so I passed it off as a poorly done, cliché knock-off of every science-fiction movie from the past ten years. Now that I’ve seen it I have to say it’s a pretty well done, cliché knock-off of every science-fiction movie from the past ten years. The story is basically Brave New World meets The Matrix, but instead of machines using humans as a power source, humans are harvesting clones for their organs and offspring. Stylistically it reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel: over-the-top action, humor from the absurdity of the situation, and all-together it has a very summer blockbuster feel. If you take either of the films too seriously you won’t get very much enjoyment out of them.

For example: a random person on IMDB panned the film for its blatant product placement, claiming it “ruined the film” for them. I have to laugh at the movie snobs who ever think this. If anything, a movie which uses generic replacements for obviously popular brands breaks the realism of the film for me more than an Xbox or Cadillac logo does (both of which are seen in The Island).

So I’m recommending this movie, just don’t go in expecting much and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It helps if you’re watching it with someone who can appreciate the simultaneous ridiculousness and awesomeness and you can yell things at each other and do high-fives while the movie is rolling.

Notable Permutation

I think I just may want to be a writer.

As you can tell I am not very certain about the subject. Since before I even started college I have wanted to be a web designer and I still love web design. But the best path for me to become one is no longer available to me. Whether because of my own ineptitude, laziness, or some strange twist of fate, I was unable to pass the required lower-division courses necessary to become an official Graphic Design major in my two-and-a-half years at Sacramento State. At this point it seems silly to keep trying.

So for the past couple months I have been waffling between alternate majors in my mind. Although Journalism has always been my fallback choice, I just came to a realization today that I actually hate the news and never want to become a journalist in the classic sense. I want to write for a magazine, write a script, design video games, and talk about sports. I do not and will not cover the news. I am beginning to think English is a major more suited for me. The vast amount of classes required for the major is indeed daunting, but with a focus in Creative Writing I think I will enjoy it far more than I would a class on copy writing, or the ethics of Journalism. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also think a BA in English holds a little more weight and a lot more potential career diversity than a BA in Journalism.

So for now, in the imaginary registration office in my head, I am an English major. Wish me luck in my new path of study! Now I just need to start writing.