Choosing a JavaScript Framework

I’ve been trying to convert IPOFest (a pet project started by Kyle and I) from all PHP to JavaScript that interfaces with a PHP API. At work we use Backbone.js and since I had never used it before, I practiced on IPOFest. First I started with Backbone and Knockout.js, with Knockback.js as a bridge. I didn’t go too far down that path, but it did feel a bit awkward and the Knockback documentation didn’t help very much. At work we use Handlebars for templates, so I started changing over to that. Continue reading


With my job change and impending birth of my first baby, my mind has been focused on the future. I have a lot of interests: front-end development, design, usability, management, writing, etc., but regardless of the position/industry, there are two things that I’ve come to realize: Continue reading

My Interview with the Los Angeles Lakers

I could have been sitting courtside, rubbing shoulders with Jack Nicholson and listening to bad Kobe Bryant jokes… okay more like editing bad photos of Kobe while sitting at a desk in El Segundo, miles away from every home Laker game. Still, ever since I realized that existed, I’ve considered it the white whale of webmaster jobs. I had no idea how much they paid, how much work was involved, or even where their offices were. I just knew that my passion for web development would be in perfect synergy with my passion for the Lakers, in a perfect union.

Well, recently, I had my chance at that job. Continue reading

JavaScript, failure, a baby, and other upcoming blog topics.

A lot has been going on in my life lately. Just in this past year, my wife and I celebrated our 1st anniversary: we traveled to the Bahamas on a Disney Cruise for 7 days straight. We visited San Diego, CA just before my parents started their move to Orlando, Florida. I left SiteGoals after almost 4 years for a position as a UI Engineer at Incisent Technologies. We moved, I sold my GTI and I am now walking to work. The biggest news of all: Karen is pregnant and we are expecting our first child in late February! Continue reading

Links of the Week

I come across great content on a daily basis. Twitter and Google Reader are my modern replacements for the newspaper, which I read every morning with coffee. But instead of just consuming, filing, and never coming back to it, I wanted to start writing about some of the best stuff. Continue reading

One Step at a Time

Too often I get caught up in lofty goals which are impossible to achieve. I set the bar so high that I give up before taking a single step (I know, I’m mixing metaphors left and right). On top of that, I spend way too much time consuming and not enough time producing. I’m addicted to Google Reader. I have too many subscriptions. I can’t tell you how many amazing tutorials and articles I’ve read, bookmarked and stored for later, that I’ve never come back to. What good is that information? Well instead of storing that knowledge up like a chipmunk, I’m going to start producing again.

I’m going to plan less, or at least plan for shorter and smaller goals. I want to be proactive and not plan so far ahead that I never reach my goals. Really my checklist is very simple. Every day I want to learn something, build something, and write something. I’m hoping each one leads to the next. We’ll see how I do.