More Movie Critic

I swore left and right, multiple times, often out loud, that I would never watch another (new) Adam Sandler movie after I shelled out my probably not hard-earned, but nonetheless my money to see Mr. Deeds. I might as well have lit my money on fire and swallowed it. Then, going against everything that is right in the universe, I actually paid to see Anger Management, which was really more of a marketing idea than a movie (“Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson! Together! Your life will be forfeit if you do not pay money to watch this!”).

I have since stopped making promises to myself. Whatever happens, happens. At least when it comes to paying for entertainment that sometimes pays back but more often than not just kicks you in the mean bean bag machine. What I am trying to say is: I just watched Punk Drunk Love, starring Adam Sandler.

The verdict: Best Adam Sandler movie. Ever. Happy Gilmore is a close second, but only because it is simply a pure comedy and nothing more. Whereas Punk Drunk Love is a wonderful, fully rounded movie. It has comedy, drama, symbolism, moments that make you feel actual emotion (I’d forgotten movies could do this), and after the credits roll, you actually get the inclination to ponder the meaning of what you just watched.

So what I am saying is, don’t let Sandlers past crimes keep you from renting this movie. It is really good. Read these comments, as they basically say what makes it so great.