Picks of the Month

Artist of the Month: Benefit is without a doubt, the artist discovery of the month, probably the year, for me. I only heard a couple of his songs once and the next day had to buy his CD. It comes on a CD-R. He makes it with a mic and a soundcard. And it kicks ten times more ass than any other rap CD in existence. But if you’re an anti-rap type person, please don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Imagine beats like Jurassic 5 with lyrics like MC Frontalot. This isn’t irrelevant, un-relatable gangster rap, this is nerdcore hip hop. He has a song about freeing the music to the people via Napster, beating Super Mario Brothers, and what he’d do with a midget. Go check it out on your favorite peer to peer program, he probably wouldn’t mind. If you really like it, you can buy it on Indelibility.com.

Thanks to Chuck for introducing me to Benefit. He might kill me if I don’t say that.

DVD of the Month: Best in Show. I didn’t bother to see this when it came out in the theaters, because I thought it would be all about Dog Shows and it wouldn’t be funny. Turns out it’s all about Dog Show people and it’s hilarious! Everyone who hasn’t seen this, go rent it now. Everyone who has already seen it: well, you already know.