Sim 2K4

So what has Sim been up to? Well, basketball mostly. Seriously, I am somehow involved in basketball every day of the week. I am taking a once a week basketball class for one credit this semester, I signed up for a five on five rec-league, and I have been playing pick-up games to fill in the gaps. Seing as how my TV only gets a few channels, I have it on ESPN 24/7, so I watch nothing but college and professional hoops along with Around the Horn and PTI. But I did hook up my roommates TV (I had to use my cable since he doesn’t have one) to watch the All-Star festivities on TNT this weekend. To top if all off, the only game I really play on my new Xbox is ESPN Basketball.

Class only just started a couple weeks ago for me, because my school saves up all those tiny, one-day holidays and compounds them into a massive winter break. While I’m still technically a graphic design major, I’m not taking any of those classes this semester. I’m getting a little GE out of the way as well as testing out the computer science major. I like it, but I think the math will keep me out of it in the long run.

So that about sums it up. Oh yeah, I also play a lot of Call of Duty. Check out my clan.