Financial Gains

Finally, someone is paying me to do something! I went through a period of serious stagnation, as every decent business in Tuolumne county ignored my applications and resumes, until earlier this week when I ended up with almost overlapping interviews. I made it halfway through the Wal-Mart hiring process (they have a mandatory four interviews!) before finding a better job at the Miwuk Village Inn. I could have signed over my life and soul to work for the Evil Empire if Tyler hadn’t hooked me up with a recommendation at the Inn. This job looks way better, because even though the hours are probably fewer, I get paid by how hard I work. So I start off at about $8 an hour and can work up to something like $16. Plus I don’t have to get up very early, its only 10 minutes from my house, the people are pretty laid-back, and I get to work with Tyler every now and then.