What I’m Playing: November 2011 Edition

Can’t stop playing Skyrim. So good. It has been a while since I’ve played an AAA title on the PC and been able to really push the limits of my video card. Minecraft doesn’t exactly qualify. I am still playing that, probably once a week or so. I also just picked up a wheel and pedals for Forza 4, which totally changes the game. I definitely need a TV stand or something to play it though, because my back is killing me in the current position. My coffee table is too thick for the clamp, so the wheel is constantly sliding forward. Same thing with the pedals, and my legs cramp up while I’m basically horizontal with the pedals.

Skyrim is looking to overtake all my time though. It is really, really good. I couldn’t stand Oblivion. I played it for probably 3 hours when it first came out and hated it. The world felt cold, dead, and generic. Every NPC interaction felt wooden, fake, and exactly identical to the last interaction. Skyrim has mostly fixed these problems. The world is cold still, but the location is much more fitting for that and it all just kind of works. NPC interactions feel more realistic and unique.

Combat is pretty much like Fallout 3, with most of your “skill” depending upon your character and weapon stats, plus extremely basic aiming skills. Get powerful enough in a certain skill tree and you’ll be able to CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES… until you encounter a giant who stomps your face in.