Television’s warm glowing warming glow.

I watch way too much television. I used to be pretty disciplined: The Office and Lost were pretty much my only indulgences. But Lost, The Sopranos, and Entourage are all back at the same time and I just can’t stop watching any of them, no matter how far many people think they’ve fallen. The more I cook the more I want to pay attention to Iron Chef and Good Eats, which really are the only good shows on the Food Network. Somehow I got sucked into watching the second half of The Apprentice this season (Stefani is the only one left that I wouldn’t like to see fired, although Frank is very entertaining). Karen got me addicted to America’s Next Top Model, which I pretty much consider The Natasha Show (for those who know). Oh and I can’t forget Ugly Betty. Plus I just bought season one of Arrested Development on DVD. Do I have a problem?

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