Mandatory Update

Things I liked today.

  • The Animatrix, which featured 9 storylines far better than the one found in Reloaded.
  • Day of Defeat, which has replaced TFC as my Half-Life mod of choice.
  • Receiving the Big Lebowski shirt I ordered off eBay.

Things I didn’t like.

  • Raking leaves (this is a never-ending job) in the summer heat.
  • Having nothing to eat. I recall eating a banana at some point.


The LAN party was a complete success! Tycho made good on his word, as Armagetron turned out to be the new favorite. We also played a little Tribes and quite a bit of TFC. Hopefully we will have some huge (compared to our normal 8 person deals) LANs later this summer. We have plans to rent out a building, bring in a bunch of chairs and tables, and have a cover charge. The geeks in our county will flock to it like Yogi to a picnic basket!

In other news, I am having a lot of fun learning/building with PHP. I created the registration form/list for Necrowombicon 2K3 today and it only has me wishing I could do more!

LAN Action

I’m attending a LAN this weekend. So of course until then speculation has run wild about what games are going to be played. Last time we played Counter-Strike almost exclusively. All the other games either didn’t work (BF1942) or people just outright refused to play them (TFC). So we played CS until I was physically sick. I will never play CS again. If they try to play CS at this LAN, I will start a structure fire, namely their computer structures.

This time though, my friend and I are going to force everyone to play Tribes, because it is the perfect game. Perfect. No game has yet to top the Tribes multiplayer experience in my book. Now, you all can throw your BF1942 or whatever at me, but I will stick to my guns. I literally have an orgasm just thinking about playing it. I’ll give you just under ten reasons why it blows every other game out of the water:

  • Killing someone with a disc launcher, while they are in the air.
  • Kamikaze missions with the scout.
  • Heat-seeking rocket turrets (when you use the command screen to control them)!
  • Quick fly throughs to grab the enemy flags on Dangerous Crossing, Stonehenge, etc.
  • Using the elf gun on people.
  • Mid-air scout collisions.
  • Skiing.
  • Disc-jumping! (thanks PRD)

I think I have to wash my pants now.