Well I didn’t get a new car, but we did! Karen put her name on the loan and on the title, so its only fair that she gets to call it “ours” and drive it as well. We found a mint 2009 GTI with only 18,000 miles in Black Magic Pearl. Its in great condition and is a blast to own! Obviously it doesn’t have the same power as the Z, but because of smaller size and weight and because of the 2.0T TSI engine, it has much more torque on instant demand. In the Z power would slowly build before coming on like a tidal wave, whereas in the GTI its there as soon as you press the pedal. Instead of feeling like you’re being pushed by a freight train in the rear-wheel drive Z, it feels like you’re being dragged forward in the front-wheel drive GTI. Aside from the performance, the GTI is better in every way. More comfortable, better sound system, safer, feels smaller (not sure if it really is), brighter headlights (Xenon!), backseats, bigger tires, better gas mileage (like 10 more miles per gallon), quieter, and of course the automatic is a million times better to drive in traffic.

Pictures to come soon.