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illustration of Jordan Kohl

Hi, I'm Jordan! 👋

I'm a developer currently living in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I currently work for Segment. I'm passionate about React.js, improving software development, fair compensation, and building an equitable space in tech. You can read some of my opinions below.

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Latest Posts

35 Interviews With 0 Applications


  • Twitter Flickr Bot - Twitter bot that will post photos from Flickr (written in Node.js)
  • My LEGO MOCs on Flickr - MOC = My Own Creation and LEGO was my pandemic hobby
  • Ghost Inspector WordPress Plugin - displays the status of your QA tests in your admin
  • Ride Safe San Diego - advocacy for improving bicycle safety in the city of San Diego
  • SD Dev List - a list of new developments planned or under construction in downtown San Diego