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33 of the Best Front-End Development Resources

development, JavaScript, Backbone.js2 min read

These links have been sitting in my bookmarks for months now. There's a lot of tutorials, documentation, and free books. Many are resources that I still reference regularly, especially when developing a new feature or app, or whenever I run into a problem.

Learning JavaScript

  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns - free book by Addy Osmani, probably the book I've studied the most this year
  • JavaScript Garden - fantastic documentation on some of the advanced features/quirks of JavaScript
  • Functions Explained - Mark Daggett's Blog - deep dive into functions and how they are used to scope
  • Understanding JavaScript OOP — Sorella's Basement - explains in detail what's happening when you create and modify objects and their properties
  • Eloquent JavaScript - free intro to JS book
  • Promise Pipelines in JavaScript - helped me understand \$.Deferred and promises in general
  • JSbooks - free javascript books


I use Backbone on a daily basis and love it. It certainly has it's problems; mostly that it's so un-opinionated you'll spend a lot of time just deciding on the "best" way to handle something. But it is amazingly flexible while still providing excellent structure, especially when combined with Marionette.

Architecture and Build Process

Having been introduced to Grunt and RequireJS, it's hard to imagine starting another project without them.


Node, Express, and MongoDB


You've probably heard of MongoDB, but it's not the only NoSQL option available. CouchDB is another document based database that can be easily interfaced with using JavaScript.