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illustration of Jordan Kohl

Links of the Week

JavaScript, CSS1 min read

I come across great content on a daily basis. Twitter and Google Reader are my modern replacements for the newspaper, which I read every morning with coffee. But instead of just consuming, filing, and never coming back to it, I wanted to start writing about some of the best stuff. So here are my links of the week:

  • There are already lots of great CSS3 generators, but none as good looking as Kudos to the developers, because the interface is very snappy. There's no delay between adjusting settings and the preview being updated. Feels like a desktop app. Lots of fantastic little details in this one, like the little diagrams to the left of each property or the version history when you rollover the version number on the bottom right.
  • TexasJS, a Javascript conference held here in Austin, posted high quality videos of some (maybe all?) of their tracks. I love it when a conference does this, because it allows everyone to appreciate these speakers, even those who couldn't attend the event. This is something I might donate to in order to keep it going. I would pay a couple dollars to watch these videos.
  • Chris Coyier of responds to CSS questions in a mailbag on Smashing Magazine. Great for new and advanced CSS authors alike.
  • Now for something completely different! I read ths interesting article that tries to dispute, using statistical analysis, that congestion hurts the economy. I think the variables used are a bit flawed, as the author admits, but it does make for an interesting read. Regardless, I'm glad more thought is being put into the costs of traffic.
  • Finally, a great quote from Chris Guillebeau (\$100 Startup): "The most important competition is against inertia."