My Interview with the Los Angeles Lakers

I could have been sitting courtside, rubbing shoulders with Jack Nicholson and listening to bad Kobe Bryant jokes… okay more like editing bad photos of Kobe while sitting at a desk in El Segundo, miles away from every home Laker game. Still, ever since I realized that existed, I’ve considered it the white whale of webmaster jobs. I had no idea how much they paid, how much work was involved, or even where their offices were. I just knew that my passion for web development would be in perfect synergy with my passion for the Lakers, in a perfect union.

Well, recently, I had my chance at that job. Continue reading

Back At It Again

Kobe Bryant: “Talented. Amazing. Brilliant. Douchebag.” – Hardwood Paroxysm

In case you are unaware, which I am sure you are, yesterday was “Kobe Bryant Blog Day”. This was an unofficial (or as official as a blog is) dubbing by Hardwood Paroxysm (which I only discovered yesterday). The idea behind it all was that whether you love or hate Kobe, he is an amazing player that deserves a little praise every now and then to balance all the hate he does get.

Obviously I am a huge fan of #24 and have been ever since he donned a Lakers jersey alongside Eddie Jones and Nick Van Excel. I tend to agree with the quote though. Kobe’s passion for winning combined with his immaturity have led to the debacles of the Shaq feud, the Phil feud, the Colorado trial, threatening to leave during his free agency, basically sitting out the second half of game seven against the Suns, and most recently requesting to be traded this summer. But despite all that junk, I still would rather have him on the Lakers over Shaq or anyone else.

Some other highlights from Kobe Bryant Blog Day:

Sactown Royalty: “Clearly, Matt has never visited Sacramento. We poisoned his burger before a playoff game! We named him the #2 most evil Laker of all-time! Though I’m not proud of it, we invented the COL-O-RAD-O! chant… In Sacramento, we hate Kobe Bryant. But you know what? Of course we respect his game. Of course we can appreciate his talent.”

This guy went nuts and posted 24 Kobe Bryant blogs in 24 hours. A little too obsessive even for me, but the videos are worth a look if nothing else.


On a completely opposite note, there really ought to be an All NBA Announcers Team (Nate knows). It would consist of Marv Albert, Kevin Harlan, Charles Barkley, the Czar, Mike Fratello. I’m sick of listening to Al Michaels slowly build up a completely superfluous stat, meanwhile missing the most exciting plays of the game. ABC shouldn’t have let him out of the Monday Night Football booth. Doc Rivers is decent, but I’d rather have him coach. What the networks really need to do is utilize their staff and switch the post-game announcers with the in-game announcers. Charles Barkley, and hell, Torny Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon could make any game entertaining (i.e. the East is boring).

Lakers > Kings

Few things in life can make me more delighted and content than curling up on my bed, with the warm body of my favorite person, to watch the Lakers absolutely dismantle the Rockets (who were miscombobulated). The Kings should take notes on that game. Kobe Bryant, walked into the arena a few minutes before the game, rubbed his eyes, and played brilliantly, and I called it. Of course, it wasn’t much of a prediction considering the other two times he has come straight from court to a game he scored the game-winner vs. the Nuggets and 35 points against the Kings, respectively.