illustration of Jordan Kohl

Updating the Design

- design — 1 min read

Although I started with a free theme, I ultimately knew I wanted to design my own theme. At first I started tweaking the current design, but the more I worked with it in Photoshop and the more stuff I tried to include, I realized I should probably start more or less from scratch. So that's what I've done. I'm still working on it, but here's a little teaser to sample:

Obviously its a lot more stylized and playful, which I usually try to do with all the designs I've made for The current theme was mostly a stepping stone, something to tide me over as I converted everything to Wordpress. With this redesign I'm going to push the width out to give more room for the blog content. Then I'm going to add some actual navigation to the homepage, portfolio, and a new contact page. There's lots of little icons to be added and hopefully some more social media functionality like Facebook sharing, Retweet, etc. It should be a lot better and hopefully serve me well for awhile.