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500 Words a Day

- goals — 1 min read

Part of my One Step At a Time program is to write something everyday. Produce instead of consume. Karen and I have set a goal of writing 500 words every day. I was inspired by this TED talk: [inline_media] [/inline_media] To me, the hardest part of writing is just getting started. Once you have a topic, writing should be as easy as thinking. The problem for me in the past was that I edited myself too much. I'd think about every word before I wrote/typed it, because I wanted perfection from the first draft. By forcing myself to write 500 words every single day, I usually have to resort to writing a stream of conscious. Using Write Or Die also helps with that, because you can't stop to think.

We mark each day off on a big calendar in our office, which is a nice visual reminder to not break the chain. I've been saving most of what I write as blog post drafts, but I don't know which ones will ever see the light of day. They definitely need some editing.