Removing Distractions and Automating Production

It is amazing how much you can accomplish in 15-25 minutes. I have used to help me focus on slamming out 300-500 words at a time. It provides a distraction free page that will flash red when you stop writing for a few seconds and eventually will play horribly obnoxious sounds after 30 seconds or so. The only other interface elements it has is a countdown timer and word count. This allows me to focus on one goal: finish writing 300 words. Once I pick a topic and start the timer, it’s easy to just sort of open my brain and let the words flow out. Continue reading

One Step at a Time

Too often I get caught up in lofty goals which are impossible to achieve. I set the bar so high that I give up before taking a single step (I know, I’m mixing metaphors left and right). On top of that, I spend way too much time consuming and not enough time producing. I’m addicted to Google Reader. I have too many subscriptions. I can’t tell you how many amazing tutorials and articles I’ve read, bookmarked and stored for later, that I’ve never come back to. What good is that information? Well instead of storing that knowledge up like a chipmunk, I’m going to start producing again.

I’m going to plan less, or at least plan for shorter and smaller goals. I want to be proactive and not plan so far ahead that I never reach my goals. Really my checklist is very simple. Every day I want to learn something, build something, and write something. I’m hoping each one leads to the next. We’ll see how I do.