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Year-end review 2022

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2022 was a year of deciding not to do things, which is actually an accomplishment for my family. We’ve consistently moved and I have changed jobs almost every year, on average. We’ve been chasing the ideal city, home, and working conditions for most of our adult lives. While I know we’ll still move, probably sooner than later, I’m taking the win for not making any major changes last year.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t dabble with the idea of moving. Within the last six months we put in offers on two different houses, toyed with the idea of expatriating to Europe, and have been browsing houses in Portland on Redfin. But for the time being, we’re staying put.

Taking inspiration from Ryan Boone, the following is a list of 2022 failures and accomplishments, and goals for 2023.

2022 failures

2022 accomplishments

2023 goals