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You Can't Beat LA (or so I hope)

- Lakers — 2 min read

If you didn't know already, I'm a huge Lakers fan. I started watching the same year that Kobe was drafted into the league and played behind Eddie Jones. Although I loved the Shaqobe years, I honestly didn't become a true die-hard fan until the years following their break-up. So watching Kobe make it all the way back to the finals only to lose to the rival Celtics was bittersweet.

Last year was rejuvenating, but honestly beating the Magic wasn't as satisfying as watching the Lakers take revenge against the Celtics, or even show up Lebron and the Cavaliers. So this year's attempt at a championship repeat has been both tantalizing and terrifying to watch. The Celtics are a great team. Period. Unbelievable defense, unwavering confidence, an extremely motivating coach, and a potent offense when they get rolling. So a win against this team would really validate the greatness of the Lakers. I'm finally more excited than nervous for the them, now that a championship is only one game away. Go Lakers!

A couple thoughts from last night's game six: